Improving the
workflow for Distributors and
Medical Device Manufacturers

Increase Efficiency

Surgicloud makes the surgical workflow more efficient
by streamlining current bottlenecks before, during, and
after a case. With Surgicloud, documenting the products
used during a procedure is effortless. Immediately
following a case our automated billing feature allows
invoices to be sent to the hospital and manufacturer
simultaneously. Surgicloud also assists in surgical report scheduling. In preparation for future cases, product inventory can be replenished with the push of a button.

Why Surgicloud Increase Efficientcy
Why Surgicloud Empower Teams

Empower Teams

The cloud-based platform enables teams to collaborate
and help each other manage their cases. Automate
the mundane paperwork so teams can focus on
what is most important. Documenting products used
during a procedure is streamlined with Surgicloud allowing you to focus on assisting the surgical team instead of filling out paperwork.

Build Confidence

Manage cases with confidence knowing Surgicloud will send a notification anytime there is a change to a case’s schedule or procedure. During a procedure, Surgicloud reduces data entry errors by making it easier to log and track what products were used in a case.

Why Surgicloud Build Confidence
Why Surgicloud Data Security

Your Data is Secure

Our platform offers teams peace of mind with rigorous data security. Data in transit and at rest is always encrypted and is backed up daily. Surgicloud includes secure file uploads and storage with access control. A role-based access model allows companies to control what users have access to the sensitive data.